5 Tips to Maximize your Marketing Efforts and ROI

Starting a marketing campaign tends to be a stressful and overwhelming task. According to the professionals at EDDM2Go themselves, there are a few very important tips that, if followed, can make the entire process that much smoother and rewarding. These 5 tips I’m about to go over will maximize your ROI (Return on Invementment) more than any other isolated campaign.

1. Start with a Plan

This step may seem a little too obvious, but people tend ot want to start a campaign without specific goals in mind. What you hope to accomplish in the end will effect every decision you make from the start. Every part of your marketing strategy are completley differenet from the next guys, so you have to know what kind of company you have, the size of your mailer, the target demographic, and the tactics you want to use. Are you aiming for more online orders or hoping to get people to put a foot through the door? Are you hoping to get people to book your services now or to increase the number of people on your email list you can have a wave of buisness when the time is right? All of these decisions need to be made from the get-go for the best results.

Even more careful planning dictates determining the rate of success. What kind of measure will you be going off of to see if your campiagn worked? If you’re trying to grow your mailing list or social marketing followers- then analyzing your starting point and where you’d like to end up in what amount of time would be a great place to start.

2. Use EDDM To Get Their Attention 

Based on statistics, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is the most effective and efficient way to spread the word if you are not known already. Using the United States Postal Services map tool has their mailing routes updated on a daily basis when the postal routes change. This makes it important to go over the same process every time to ensure you know how many mailers you’re sending out and to which location as the routes change and people move in and out of the area. Whether you’re targeting businesses or family neighborhoods, EDDM works well for promoting your business because each potential customer will have all of the infomration they could possibly need by using the mailer that will be sent right to their house. Using EDDM is only the beginning on the successful markekting efforts.

3. Personalize with Direct Mail and Emails

After you have made initial contact with a customer, whether it be through an email address or a provided street address, you should now use this opportunity to follow up in a much more personalized way. A whopping 77% of consumers prefer “permission-based marketing communications” with brands that they have already developed a relationship with. Once initial contact is made, the follow-up can curtail to what each customer specifically bought or showed interest in making it that much easier for them to want to return to you to do business.

4. Make Each Channel Different

It is a complete waste of your time to send out a massive amount of mailers to prospective customers to only repeat the very same message in an email one week later. This is one of the biggest reasons companies have issues with people unsubscribing. Each time you make contact with your customers, the message needs to build and offer something new and more exclusive or hone in on an exact service that they may have expressed interest in. Keep it fun, new and exciting or you can wave goodbye to your customers before they even make a purchase.

5.Track your Success

It is crucial to keep track of the new customers you’ve gained or the sales you have made based on each channel of marketing you have sent out. As time passes, you may want to redirect your energy towards one of your facets, for example: email blasts, because over time is has generated more revenue than any other channel you have used. The more information you keep track of, the more knowledge you will have as time goes on to create the most successful marketing campaign possible.

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