Simplify Your Life

Little did we know, the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week.

There are many ways you can start Simplifying your Life this week, and even more challenges and ideas you can find online.


Last year Johnathan Shannon posted a 7 Day Challenge to Simplify your Life  on Made Man with some suggestions including:

  • Get a password manager to remember all your passwords for you, rather than trying to remember unique, unmemorable strings of letters and symbols for all of your passwords.
  • Check your email three times a day
  • Switch to Paperless billing
  • Declutter and Organize.


Becky Eades also had a special post for this holiday on Ideal-Living. Some suggestions include:

  • Don’t overextend yourself trying to be helpful – help yourself out first.
  • Limit doing things that you don’t enjoy or find yourself mindlessly doing – life is limited!
  • Plan ahead, starting your day off in a panic is a way to start your day stressed out.


The “Simplify Your Wardrobe” challenge, by using a Capsule Wardrobe in which you simplify your wardrobe into 30-40 staple items. Karla Todd documented her Simplify your Wardrobe Challenge Here. 


So what will you do this week to simplify your life?