Creative Last-Minute Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and around the world everyone is in a frenzy trying to get something for the moms in their life.

Below we’ve compiled a small list of creative things to do for mom, without needing to reserve a table at a fancy restaurant a month in advance.

If you do any of these projects, send us your pictures, we’d love to see them! Let us know if there were any other creative ideas for mothers day that we should add to this list!


Toddler Art Dishware


Small + Friendly has a neat tutorial to turn a porcelain dish into a mother’s day gift. Perfect if you have little children. The concept is to have your child scribble onto the bowl and have their artwork become functional. No two pieces would ever look alike!


Breakfast in Bed


Hostess with the Mostess came up with a creative way to take Breakfast in bed to a whole new level. If you’re not too creative but you’re a wiz in the kitchen, then maybe a nicely planned Breakfast in bed for the first thing in the morning is a good way to start. And whether it’s creme brûlée or burnt toast, any mother will love their morning.


Noodle Necklaces

IMG_5797 copy

Let’s take a new look at Noodle Beads. One where it doesn’t look like a box of pasta got caught on a string. We’re looking to Alisa Burke, who figured a creative way to spray paint noodles creatively in order to make them into beads for noodle projects rather than… well noodles. You can take a look at her instructions to make the noodles more bead-like in the link on the project title.


Photo Vase


Catch My Party has a cute idea to turn a plain old mason jar into a vase worth treasuring. This gift is both cost effective and adorable.


Pinwheel Flower Pot


I’m not really sure why a pinwheel would be in a flower pot, but Catch My Party made it look like the best idea ever! The instructions go over how to make the pinwheel and paint your pot before you set it up with your plant. Even better, if the plant ever dies you still have a pinwheel that looks like a flower. Easiest garden to take care of, ever.


Artwork Candle


It doesn’t matter how good your art skills are when you can get your artwork on a  candle and see how it changes once it melts. We’d like to call it transformative. Using tissue paper, wax paper, markers or paints, a candle and a hair dryer to get your design onto your candle. Perfect for Mother’s Day and a great gift year-round.