Giving Feedback: Don’t Tell Me What To Do!

Feedback is important in creating great work: from a small business card to a mural on the side of a building. In order to get the best piece made, the work has to go between many hands, critiquing and revising until the client is pleased with their work.

When you hire us to design your piece of work, we want it to be the best piece that’s going to draw attention and keep you relevant. We’ve gone to school to learn all of the generalities to make sure that nothing gets missed in your piece of work.

We spend time discussing the project with our clients, understanding the requirements and what the project needs to do. Because we’re a small company, we can understand the needs of our clients with a more personalized experience: discussing changes directly with the designer, and guaranteeing a faster turn-around.

When you hire a Graphic Designer, you’re hiring someone that’s trained to do what you came to them for. We’re not going to go into the kitchen of the local pizza parlor and start decorating the pizza, so we ask you not to come in and decorate your design because you read a few blogs on advertising practices.

We encourage feedback. We want you to point out the errors we made and what you feel isn’t working for your client market. But when you start turning us into hands instead of designers, telling us which color to use and what fonts will work best, and where to move things – you’re taking your limited experience based on things you’ve seen and things you’ve read rather than trusting us to fix the problems that you’ve mentioned. That is what you’re here for.

So although we’re a small business that understands your needs with a personalized experience, we still prefer hearing the issues instead of having you try to solve the problems that you feel occurred.

Trust the professionals. That’s why you hired us.