What makes EDDM so different?


Every Door Direct Mail is a service that integrates with the United States Postal Service to give small businesses an advantage to get their message to their client without costing an arm and a leg. However, with certain speifications and size requirements, just getting a standard postcard for your product could make it improperly sized and not allowed under the EDDM service standards.

Why Us?

Which is why MGems and EDDM Pro came together to help. Because just having something that’s the correct size doesn’t mean it’s going to win over your potential customers as soon as it enters their mailbox. When you ask for an Every Door Direct Mail service from us, we want to make sure that your potential customers will know who you are without needing to read fine details; be able to contact you or go to your place of business; and have some incentive to bring them through the door.

We’ve also dealt with dozens of post offices to send out client work. We can handle the mess that is the trip to the post office, or help you out with your order. Whether you only want us to design and print everything for you and leave you to bundle, fill out the paperwork and deliver it to the post office, or we can do everything or anything in between, giving you more time to relax and prepare for your new customers.

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