Is EDDM Right for You?


A lot of people have been asking us if their business is a good fit for the EDDM service we have to offer. Every business is different, and while EDDM can help a lot, there are drawbacks to everything.


EDDM is Great for Small Businesses!

Local businesses like convenience stores, car washes, landscapers, hair dressers and more, can saturate all of their trade area at a relatively low cost, saving additional money by not needing to purchase a mailing list. A great marketing tool when you have a small budget for your marketing.

When you have a universally needed product or service in your neighborhood, then EDDM is a great method to invest in – as everyone in your target area will have use for your services, and helps build brand awareness in the process.

But Comes at a Loss on Personalization

Because there is no mailing list required, no name or address gets placed on the mail piece. This turns it into more of a direct advertisement rather than a personal direct mail piece, eliminating a highly targeted message.

If you need to target a specific demographic to yield the best result on your campaign, then EDDM is not the best choice for your promotion.

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