Following up with Your Marketing Campaign


Just How Often should you send out and follow up on a marketing campaign for your business? We don’t want to fatigue the target market, but it usually takes a few hits before the typical consumer responds to an offer.

Mailing Frequency

Depending on the kind of business you run will play a lead role in the frequency ofyourmailing. If you’re a company that’sseasonal by nature, your clients expect notice when it’s time to buy and if the season is drawing to a close so they don’t miss it.

The timing related to your offers also has a paramount effect on your frequency and when to send things out. Back-to-School offers usually start around mid-August and ramp up intensly and start becoming more frequent the first week of September – because once school starts, most parents have already made their purchases. The last push right before school is usually a welcomed information because of it’s relevance.

Following up with your customers is also a big part of the frequency of your mailings. A/B Testing, where you split your target into two groups and send your mailers to them at different intervals and see what works with your market, is the most effective way of knowing how often you should be following up with your market – although this helps more the second time around.

How EDDM Fits In

When you integrate Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) into your business model, you target your audience based on location. Because EDDM is location based rather than using specific addresses, you don’t need to get a mailing list and mailing permit.

The best kinds of businesses that benefit from EDDM are businesses that the general consumer would need. Restaurants, Retail stores, Dentists, Dry Cleaners, Hospitals, Non-Profits, Salons and Spas, Local Attractions, Gyms and Fitness Centers, Landscaping and Home Improvement, Car Washes, Cleaning Services and more are all great candiates for EDDM mail services. Whether you want to draw in the local crowd or market to the locations you wouldn’t mind traveling to, EDDM is a low cost fit in your marketing budget.

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